Masterminders by Tara Basi; Review by KDJLamon

MastermindersMasterminders by Tara Basi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Masterminders by Tara Basi is a hilarious and smart novel centered around the antics of two primary-schoolers, Bobby and Terry. Using fantastic schemes, they attempt to tackle some of today’s toughest issues. From global warming, human rights, and bullying to female issues, like punctuation madness and erectile dysfunction.

Mostly succeeding with innocence and unexpected self-assurance that only children can pull off, they navigate the ever-changing corners of their Catholic School playground and the small eccentric island community they inhabit. The wonderfully brilliant schemes thought up by the “…intellectual heavyweight” Bobby, begins the same, with his signature pants hitch ( a sign he is truly thinking). Then each usually consists of an initial pitch to whomever they can use to pursue their current goals. Ultimately, the ideas work in favor of the boys more times than not.

The story is told through the eyes of Terry, as he is willingly lead, on a year-long journey of intellectual pursuits. Armed with knowledge found in Discovery Channel DVD’s, Bobby and Terry scheme towards making the world a better place for all. Masterminders has a relatively small rotating cast consisting of other island residents. Each character is another bright, funny, eccentric, and well-developed addition to the narrative. For instance, Mr. Dicklightly and Dimple, these are easily two of the most eccentric, funny, and imaginative characters found in the pages.

My favorite character has to be Madge. Although not directly involved in all the crazy shenanigans of these boys, she is always somehow mentioned, because of Terry’s infatuation with her. Her character changes and grows from over-powering bully to unlikely ally. Also, of the three bullies, she is the most intelligent and inquisitive.

I rate Masterminders 5 out of 5 stars. I truly enjoyed reading this novel. There are no offensive scenes or language in this novel. I laughed out loud and almost cried too. Tara Basi did an excellent job with this story. I would recommend Masterminders to both young adult and adult readers alike that enjoy funny, intellectual novels from unique points of view.

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