Screamcatcher: Web World review by KDJLamon

Screamcatcher: Web WorldScreamcatcher: Web World by Christy J. Breedlove

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Grieving the loss of her parents, Jorlene Pike is having an extremely rough time. While friends and family rally to support her through this difficult moment, accepting this tragedy seems impossible as nightmares plague her dreams. Albert, her grandfather, offers Jorlene a dream catcher to help remove her nightmares, and perhaps, gain closure. One night, after a violent storm, Jorlene and her three friends find themselves magically transported to a dystopic replica of their home town. Realizing things are not right, they set out to find out what has happened, and how to return to the true Langston. The closer they come to the truth, the more dangerous and mentally difficult the journey becomes. Can Jorlene guide her friends through this strange land of fears-come-true, shape-shifters, and dinosaurs? Why do the Bozos want to kill them? Will Jorlene be able to see Choice in a new light now that they are in a world devoid of sun and color?

Screamcatcher: Web World by Christy J. Breedlove is a fantastic young adult sci-fi novel. Its unique plot has diverse and interesting characters and locations. It is a quick-paced action-driven novel. Caroline Andrus’s cover art is beautiful and works perfectly with the story.

Using rich sensory details, Breedlove describes the visual transformation of the landscapes in Langston. For example, when the four teens initially entered the web world, the dystopic world lacked color, but as they travel deeper towards the end, the world returns to more vibrant colors. It is drastically different from when they enter the cave and discover the large mushrooms, stalactites, bio-luminescent lichen, and pool of water, the vivid descriptions enhanced the story and kept me engaged and immersed.

My favorite character is Jorlene Pike. Showing strength and independent thinking helped cement her as a true leader in this novel. Maintaining a level head, Jorlene keeps her friends moving in the right direction and out of the web world. I enjoyed the sisterly relationship Jorlene has with Darcy. Jorlene is protective and sometimes coddling towards her best friend. Ultimately, succeeding in guiding Darcy and keeping her from giving in to the almost constant negativity and desolation they find themselves surrounded by.

On the other hand, my least favorite character is Darcy. I feel her character is whiny and spoiled. At no point did I think she truly grasped the situation they were in. Darcy was a burden for others throughout the story. Her character had very few redeeming qualities. I would have enjoyed it more if Darcy had more opportunities to show and establish strengths in the novel for character development.

Although I truly enjoyed reading Screamcatcher, there are a few things I think potential readers should be aware of. There are mentions of deaths, a vague adult scene, minor foul language, and limited drug use, but none of these things are gratuitous or over the top. Unfortunately, I did find the occasional missing space or an instance of a misused word, but these do not interfere with or distract from the reading immersion.

I rate Screamcatcher: Web World by Christy Breedlove 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this novel to all readers. If you enjoy young adult, coming of age, sci-fi and lore novels, you will enjoy this story.

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