The Hand Bringer by Christopher J. Penington Book review by KDJ Lamon

The Hand Bringer by Christopher J. Penington

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Peter Hadrian is a dedicated police officer that has experienced the tragedy of losing his young son under mysterious circumstances. One fateful night, while on the job, he is bitten by a rage-filled vampire and finds himself in the hands of the ASA, a clandestine organization tasked with the eradication of a viral form of vampirism affecting the world. With a possible cure to stop its spread, their plan is to send Peter and four others back in time to stop the one responsible for its spread, Dracula.

The Hand Bringer by Christopher J. Penington, is a wonderful epic novel with numerous twists and turns. This fast-paced science fiction will have readers wondering what will happen next. Pennington’s writing is smart and intriguing with a flair for sarcasm and wit. Having well-developed characters help to bring this novel to life. For example, both Peter and Boriana are written in a way most readers can feel the emotions they both go through. They both lost children and are trying to move past their pains.

My favorite character in this novel is Luke. I love his irreverent and biting wit in every situation. It brings much-needed humor into the danger he and Peter find themselves in. For instance, while talking to Colonel Scott about Peter’s loss of his son, Colonel Scott says most people go through tragedy and then move on, to which Luke replies: “Oh yes, they call those people sociopaths.”

Conversely, my least favorite character is Dr. Kolemis. From the very beginning, he is narcissistic and devious. For example, when he first meets Elizabeth at her sister’s reception, he is rude, egotistical, and wholly unprofessional.

I would have enjoyed this novel more, had there been fewer animal deaths. While by no means a large part of the novel or graphically depicted, they were still sad. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading this novel and was entertained with its intricate plot. If you are looking for an engrossing fantasy to curl up with, you will not be disappointed. I recommend The Hand Bringer by Christopher J. Penington to friends that enjoy science fiction. I will caution readers of mentions of rape and child deaths. I found only one editing error; therefore, I easily rate The Hand Bringer 5 out of 5 stars.

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