Four Funny Potatoes by Len Foley Book Review by KDJ Lamon

Four Funny Potatoes! by Len Foley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Four Funny Potatoes by Len Foley is an offbeat and whimsical illustrated children’s book, wherein Benny the banana is mistakenly cast as a potato in this fanciful all food musical about the silly shenanigans happening during the night. While in a rehearsal, Benny must explain that he is not a potato for several reasons. He is neither a potato nor a yellow squash and ultimately he is recognized as a banana before a rather macabre twist ending.

Foley uses an easy to understand and lyrical writing style in this silly tale of individuality and uniqueness. This funny and short book with minimal text is meant to be read to and by children under age seven. Although not overly action-packed, it is filled with likable and quirky characters. Each cartoony anthropomorphic personality will bring amusement to young readers. Foley is a Mom’s Choice Award recipient for his children’s book, Sigfried’s Smelly Socks. Four Funny Potatoes is his second illustrated children’s book and he has a third book on its way in 2019.

I enjoyed reading this colorful illustrated children’s book, with its exaggerated characters. I rate Four Funny Potatoes by Len Foley 4 out of 5 stars. There were no glaring editorial mistakes, therefore I believe it is well edited. I think young readers will enjoy reading it while learning of the individual uniqueness of shape, color, and mind found in us all. I hope the young reader in your family will enjoy this book as much as I did.

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