Her Lifeline by L.A. Casey Book Review by KDJ Lamon

Her Lifeline by L.A. Casey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Helping keep your secrets, those secrets kept deep down inside for fear they may eventually encounter the light of day. That is what best friends do. Even if you don’t speak for many years, Best friends will keep your secrets. And with reluctance, after moving forward and accomplishing the dreams you shared in years past, best friends also forgive.

11 years have passed since the heartbreaking moments when a young Erin Saunders family unraveled. In one day she lost her father, pieces of her mother, and a pseudo-brother she thought was a precious part of her family. A horrendous automobile accident brings Ward, The prodigal friend, and multi-billionaire, back to his hometown in Scotland. All he wants is a second chance to change the past, his best friend to be on the mend, and for Erin to look at him the way she did when they were younger. Can she forgive him for walking away? Can he forgive himself for the lie that has built his wealth?

Her Lifeline by L.A. Casey is a well-written novel and my first glimpse at the writing style of this author. Published in January of 2019, by Montlake Romance, it’s 315 pages are well worth the price of $9.17. Casey has written multiple other romance novels that have been received more than favorably by readers, including My Little Secret(2019) and The Man Bible(2018).

This marvelous tear jerker deal with several social and family topics including; child abuse, death, and addiction. Casey’s writing style is visceral and the emotions the characters convey are tangible, causing a roller coaster of feelings for readers. Her lifeline is not an action-driven plot, it is more emotionally driven. Unfortunately, as in life, after a major accident, life moves on. I felt characters slowly revolving around their loved one, incorporating waiting into their daily life. Readers may spend some of the novel waiting for the next plot twist, and when it finally happens it is another hard-hitting emotional tidal wave.

The emotion felt by the individual characters evolves in a way to showcase the variety of ways pain can manifest. Particularly, blame was conveyed through Aiden and Amelia’s accusations. I saw guilt through some of Erin’s actions and thoughts, and the overall toll grief takes on the whole family in interactions between all members.

Casey’s uses the provincial Scottish dialect perfectly. Reading the frequent jargon allows readers to complete the character image and form a better picture of the story. I thought it was both cute and novel, but did not distract from the story in any way. Underneath It all, Her Lifeline is a romance novel, and although it does not take the obvious twists and turns most conventional romance novels do, Casey’s writing works and it works well in this story.

Recommending this book for those who love romance is a no brainer because I enjoyed reading it. But, if you are sensitive to the subjects of child abuse, deaths, or alcoholism, please read with caution. I whole-heartedly give Her Lifeline by L.A. Casey 5 out of 5 stars. If you decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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