This week is read an E-book week and return a borrowed book week.

Read an E-book week!


As an avid reader, I am constantly reading E-books, as it is the easiest format for me to handle. Since I mainly read E-books, they are automatically returned to the library upon expiration, so I tend not to have any overdue returns. There are several lending libraries that I visit and if you take a book you give a book, so I don’t have a large number of physical copies at the house. I love the lending libraries.

But for those that love the feel of an actual book in hand, remember to return your borrowed books this week. I am currently reading The Illness Lesson by Clare Beams and recently finished Burn Zones: Playing Life’s Bad Hands (which I really enjoyed) by Jorge P. Newbery. Do you have any recommendations for read an E-book week?

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


As a reader and book reviewer, I have always had a love for books. I remember reading Dr. Seuss books with my mother as a child. It was fun and encouraged me and helped with learning new fabulous vocabulary. It wasn’t until my later teenage years that I began to see the wisdom behind most of the words I read. I think when I see memes today as an adult, I truly get a sense of what he means in them.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. Thank you for your message of encouragement that has lasted through so many generations. I hope that today’s readers will continue to read and share his messages with future generations. Read to your children and give them the sense of wonderment found in books.


March 5th is World Book Day!!

World Book Day is a charity organization trying to encourage literacy by giving books to readers, young and adult. It is reported that the literacy rate for the United States is close to 99%. The literacy rate is defined as persons over the age of 15 capable of reading and writing. I want readers to continue engaging and encouraging others to read and start conversations that encourage literacy. 100% literacy is achievable! Give a book you enjoyed to a young member of your family and pass on the joy of reading to the next generation.

How are you celebrating world book day? What event is your local library holding?

What E-book are you reading this week? Do you have a favorite Dr. Seuss book or quote? Share it down below with us! Don’t forget to return your borrowed books. How are you celebrating World Book Day?

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