‘I May Kill You’ by Keith Dixon

Thank you Ginger Book Geek for a nice review for ‘I May Kill You’ by Keith Dixon.


I May Kill You by [Dixon, Keith]Synopsis

Serial killers are secretive animals. They keep their deeds to themselves and hope never to be found.

But there’s a new man in town—a killer who warns people in advance he’s going to kill them, then does it, in a variety of unusual, even bizarre, ways.

Ex-policeman Ben Buckland wants to catch this man not because he’s on the list … but because his 15-year-old daughter is. And that’s just not fair.

Especially when the killer has sent out warnings to several hundred people …

My Review

I have a little confession to make.  Although, I have read a couple of Keith’s books now and I have several others on my ever increasing ‘to be read’ mountain, I haven’t read them all yet.  However, now I have reminded myself of how fab an author Keith is, I can guarantee that his as yet ‘unread’ books will not be on…

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