Author Interview with Featured author Lyvita Brooks

Lyvita Brooks is an author and podcaster. She uses her platform as a way to help and teach Christians ways to create space in their life to commune with God, intentionally and daily. Lyvita´s book, The Me Project: Who am I & Whose am I, is available for pre-order on her website and blog here. Her Podcast is titled Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast. It can be found Buzzsprout, Apple Podcast, and Spotify.


What have we learned from our interview with featured author Lyvita Brooks?

LR: What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

LB: My most interesting writing quirk is having the right pen when I am planning and formulating the idea on paper. Before writing I have to plan out the days I will work on it, what it’s suppose to be about – daydreaming stage, and if I need any research to complete it. My go -to pen is a fine Pentel R.S.V.P with a cap. It’s when I put the cap on the end of the pen that I actually feel that task is completed for that day. Then I feel free to explore the rest of my day uninhibited but what did not get done.

LR: Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring writers?

LB: I find writing a stress releaser. It’s not until I let “the hat out of the box”, sort of speaking, that I can begin the writing process. My emotional part usually comes during editing. I either can’t let something go, things aren’t working my way, etc. This is when I pray, again. I start my writing time with prayer and sometimes, I have to pray through the process because I am not listening. Learning to let the writing or character takes you where it wants to go can be freeing while you are writing but during the editing, it becomes a battle of my will and what should be written. I need the Lord’s help. My tips for aspiring writers is:

  1. Set a schedule and stick to it. It took me 2 months to find the right schedule, then 3 weeks to decide that it really was the one.
  2. Get up early. I’m finished my exercise, quiet time, and writing before 8:15 to 8:45 am depending on the scheduled day. I start at 5 am. Yes, this took an adjustment but I actually feel better about the rest of the day. It’s like my morning routine has allowed me to complete the 3 most important task of my day in order that I can move on. WOW!
  3. Set a separate time to write and a separate time to edit, on the same day. This allows you to feel that a particular section is completed so you can move on. This step is not for everyone because every writer is unique. If it doesn’t fit right for you then move on.
  4. Be Consistent and Persistent. Guard your schedule for writing like a hawk. Don’t give up unless it is an emergency.

LR: What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

LB: I don’t have a favorite under-appreciated novel but I do have a favorite under-used book. That’s the Bible. People need to read it more, especially the Book of Proverbs. It may just change their lives.

LR: Which Book started you in your writing career, and ignited your interest in writing?

LB: I attended this writing class last year and fell in love with writing flash fiction. I can’t remember the name of the one that sparked my interest but it was under 700 words about a moment in time where a lady saw a man through the window. It was written gracefully, poetically, and with brevity. I have been writing them ever since. I even dabble in writing 6-word stories. Now that’s exciting.

LR: When writing a series how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

LB: To answer your questions, I keep things fresh by writing about the disciplines found in the Bible, reading, but mostly listening to others that are practicing the disciplines. Stay in tune with what you are writing through others, always. ‘Cause after all, aren’t you writing for them. That’s a tip.

Presently the creative journal I am writing is a series. The series focus on equipping and encouraging new Christians and Believers in Christ Jesus to practice spiritual disciplines in order to help them grow in love with God, their neighbor and theirselves. We are presently living in a time where America is rethinking whether or not it wants to continue following the principles of the Bible or not. For the Christian this is critical because we love Christ and desire to serve the True and Living God. Therefore, we need to practice the disciples so we wont get off task. Remember how I said earlier that having a schedule is vital. Well that’s true for everyone. For the Christian creating space to commune with God is critical. Our lives depend on being in His presence. I’m not preaching just sharing a reality, that sometimes Believers forget.

LR: What was your favorite part, and your least favorite part, of the publishing journey?

LB: I have not gone through the publishing journey yet. Accept to have a company that I am conversing with. I need to finish the formatting process and then hand it over to them for editing, publishing and distribution. After saying that, talking to different publishing companies to select the right one for the book can be exhausting but it’s during these conversations where you realize that your dream is coming true. It’s an awesome feeling, once you hang up the phone.

LR: Do you write listening to music?

LB: I write in silence. There are times I close my door so I can’t hear the TV but my best writing times now are in the morning. Silence is golden. At least for me.

Our Final Thoughts to conclude our interview!

Lyvita has two books previously published, Daresay Journal: Just for ME! and Daresay Journal: For Administrators both available on her website and Amazon. Readers can stay up-to-date on new Amazon publications here.

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