337 by M. Jonathan Lee/ #BookReview

Welcome back to Lamon Reviews. Today I get to tell you all about a wonderful ARC I received a few weeks ago from Hideaway Falls Publishing. 337 is the latest novel by author M. Jonathan Lee. It is scheduled for release on November 30, 2020.

My Review

337 by M. Jonathan Lee, follows Samuel Darte as he attempts to uncover the mystery surrounding his mother abruptly abandoning their family. After learning his grandmother may not live much longer, he puts aside the anger he has carried for the past 20 years to find the truth about his past.

From the first chapter, I really enjoyed the plot and getting to know Samuel’s character. I can’t remember the last time I read a novel written in first person, let alone remember it being such an immersive page-turning experience.

M.Jonathan Lee has received a large amount of praise for his writing style. He has several other books available,(THE RADIO, THE PAGE, DRIFT STUMBLE FALL and BROKEN BRANCHES.) all of which have received wonderful reviews.

337 by M. Jonathan Lee

As an example, while this is short passage is in the beginning of the novel, I think it showcases the writing style that is wonderfully shown throughout.

…I stand and stare, conscious that it feels sinister to be doing so. I feel like a voyer watching the victim of Death’s next call.

337 by M. Jonathan Lee

One of the many things I like about 337, is when Samuel interacts with his grandmother. To me it feels like the reader is in the room, as the author takes advantage of all the senses. The sounds, sight, smells, and descriptions put the reader into St. Dymphna’s Nursing Home.

There were times this catches me off guard and it made me extremely sad while reading, as he needs answers from her before she dies. I have never had a loved one in hospice care, but for those who have, you may want to read with caution.

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