Scattered Thoughts on My Final Meal.

Welcome back to Lamon Reviews. As you may know I am participating in the Long and Short Wednesday Weekly Challenge. This week the topic is what my last meal would be.

Well, this is a hard one for me. I consider myself a foodie and love old recipes. I follow several channels about food history and old recipes, like Jon Townsend, Babish culinary universe, Emmymade, and recently Beryl Shereshewsky on YouTube.

I love almost all types of food and food histories, so my last meal would have to be epic. Multiple courses, of course, and something I can’t have often. But not something I have never had.

Like I said, hard. If I chose my absolute favorite dishes, it would be my husband’s eggplant parmesan, and dessert would be banana pudding with walnuts and chocolate sprinkles. (I know it sounds weird, but I like it.)

I would finish with a nice cup of coffee with a little coconut creme. I think that is a nice simple last meal.

My epic last meal would be different as I would want meals I have not tried yet, maybe seafood oriented. Blackened redfish, payella, a light melon sorbet for dessert.

No, I’ve had both payella and melon sorbet, so they are out. But the blackened redfish stays. (I hear it is very yummy) Maybe a meal with shark. Once again I haven’t tried it, but I hear it taste good when cooked well.

This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. There are so many foods I haven’t tried. I don’t know if they should be my last, because what if they don’t live up to the proverbial hype. I wouldn’t want my last meal to be something I dislike. But then spend the rest of my afterlife grateful I never have to eat it again, LOL.

But the next question is who is making this last meal of mine? If it’s me, chances are I will be trying out a recipe and hopefully not destroying it. If my husband is cooking, well we have gone through that on and I’ll have his eggplant parmesan.

Someone else should definately cook a last meal!!!

If someone else is cooking, like a Gordan Ramsey or other chef, I’d order something like Beluga caviar with calves kidneys in an endive reduction or other fancy words I barely understand.

But there is still the possibility, no matter how fancy that I do not like the food prepared.

Okay, nope! Scratch everything I just said. My last meal will definitely be lots of different chocolate desserts. I’ll have cakes and pies and souffles. And then happily die in a sugar coma.

Chocolate is the best always!!

What about you? What would your last meal be? Let me know in the comments below. As for me, I’m going to go make chocolate brownies right now. 🀭🀭


    1. I ended up with the ones I like and know. Bibimbop was on my short list, but then I would consider all my favorite Korean or Mexican dishes. The list is endless for what I want my last meal to be.πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


  1. Honestly, banana pudding with walnuts and chocolate sprinkles sounds awesome.

    …I hadn’t considered the strategic advantage of asking for a final meal that was so comprehensive that you could effectively never finish it, but if it ever comes to that I’ll have to try it!


  2. You absolutely do NOT have to cook your own last meal. That must be the rule!! And I vote for the seafood, for certain. And the chocolate πŸ˜€


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