Arbor Day; Great reading recommendations for Arbor Day.

Welcome back to Lamon Reviews. I thought today I would offer our readers some book recommendations for children and Adults. I hope you enjoy todays post.

🌲Happy Arbor Day!🌲

National Arbor Day, celebrated on the first Friday in April in the United States, makes an exploration of tree-themed books and the habitats they create for other creatures a must. This holiday promotes planting a tree for shade, beauty, fruit, and wood. Included in my selection are some well-known tree fiction books too.

It also seems to be celebrated throughout the month by different states. Our state is celebrating it today! But really it is celebrated the entire month.

For me, there are very few ways to celebrate today. I checked on my saplings. But I do that every day as part of my gardening routine. Then I decided to find something to read.

It ended up being a wonderful short story written by Nina Chyll. You can read it below. Not only was it a wonderful story, but it ended up being absolutely perfect for Arbor Day.

Just BTW, have a box of tissues handy. I cried reading this one.

The Tree Surgeons Dictionary by Nina Chyll

Plant trees for tomorrow

If your looking for a couple books for young readers to learn about Arbor Day, then check out this article from

5 stunning children’s books to help you celebrate Arbor day.

There are many non fiction books for adults to read for Arbor Day. You can check out this article by Meghan Shinn at if your looking for teen and adult reading.

Arbor Day Reading List: Favorite Books on Trees

Try as I may I could not fine very many fiction books for Arbor day. The top search results consistently returned children’s books and a number of nonfiction ones.

Can you suggest any fiction Arbor DAY books? Let me know in the comments below. Other than The Tree Surgeons Dictionary, which I found in a writing email I am subscribed to for, I haven’t seen any. Give me your recommendations below, so I can check out some great Arbor Day inspired fiction.

I know this is a flower, but the sentiment is the same. Plant a tree for the future.🙂🙂

And As Always…

Go forth, dear readers, support your favorite indie authors and encourage reading and literacy.

K. LaMon
Lamon Reviews

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