8 Podcast On Reading and Writing I enjoy and Recommend

Welcome back to Lamon Reviews. Today I thought I would write about the podcasts I listen to that helps me continue to learn and enjoy reading, reviewing and writing.

As many of us know, and have found out in this past years, podcasts offer a great learning platform and at times escape from day to day life.

I listen and follow many other podcasts. My queue has about 40 different podcast that go beyond todays list. And I keep finding more that I want to listen to.

Bookish Podcasts I follow

  1. Reading Glasses
  2. The Book Review
  3. What Should I Read Next
  4. Professional Book Nerds
  5. Story Works Round Table
  6. Write The Book
  7. The Accidental Creative
  8. I Should Be Writing

  • Reading Glasses

Let me start off by saying “ I am a glasser” I follow this podcast weekly to hear these two ladies make me laugh and give me recommendations I know will make me happy.

Reading glasses is hosted by Mallory O’Malley and Brea Grant. Every week they have topics relevant to readers and bookish inquiries.

Listening to these ladies has really helped me improve my reading habits and has stretched my once limited scope of what I like and dislike reading.

As of today, I still have not quite completed my ‘wheelhouse’ for what I really enjoy reading. I keep adding to it and it seems it may never really be done. I’m just happy I have one now.

  • The Book Review

Hosted by Pamela Paul and other editors and critics from The New York Times gives listeners the run down of this weeks happenings in the literary world.

This one gives me soo many great books I want to read. The author interviews are informative and wonderful to listen to. If I am looking specifically for a memoir, autobiography, or historic topics, I don’t have to look much further.

Check out The Book Review latest episode including author interview with George Packer and his latest book; Last Best Hope.

  • What Should I Read Next

This podcast is definately different from the others. While all these gives listeners recommendations, What Should I Read Next is very niche. Host Anne Bogel has a guest on and after talking about books they love, hate, and are indifferent to, she gives them a few books they may not have read yet and may enjoy.

I have actually heard a couple of books that I have placed on my TBR. And it has introduced me to some authors I haven’t heard of. (All these podcasts have done that.

  • Professional Book Nerds

I like this podcast because of the topics and author interviews. It is extrememly conversational and informative. Like most of the podcast I like, I get a lot of recommendations for books I could read.

Check out this episode where Adam interviews the author of one of my favorite books My Broken Language, Quiara Alegria Hudes.

Author Interview on Professional Book Nerds.

You can check out my review of My Broken Language here.

  • Story Works Round Table

What I enjoy about this podcast is there are three co host that talk about the craft of writing. Alida Winternheimer, Robert Scanlon, and Kathryn Arnold. It is an informal conversation meant to get the listeners writing. A great deal of information for new writers and those wanting to learn more about what has worked for the hosts in their own writing.

  • Write The Book

This podcast is another one focused more on the writing than the reading and reviewing of great books. Hosted by Shelagh Connor Shapiro, it has author interviews and craft conversations.

I like the host has writing prompts for aspiring writers to work on their skills.

  • The Accidental Creative

This podcast hosted by author Todd Henry of a book with the same title, is a podcast for all creatives, not just writers. This one is a bit of a change of pace. It gives me a breather and much broader conversation on art and staying creative.

  • I Should Be Writing

I listen each week as, author and host Mur Lafferty, aka Mightymur to some, talk about different topics on writing and writing adjacent subjects. Listening to her is cathartic for me. She champions all writers novice or not. She also co hosts another fun podcast Ditch Diggers.

I really enjoy audio horror podcasts and educational podcasts. Other podcasts I enjoy include Stuff You Missed In History Class. While I may not remember most of the facts I hear, some really stick with me.

Example: Ireland’s potato famine. What I remember is from this podcast. I don’t even remember it being taught in school at all. (Or maybe I didn’t pay attention.) But now I know more about it.

I hope you enjoyed todays post. Let me know what you think in the comments below. What bookish podcast do you listen to? Do you have a podcast I should listen to?

And As Always…

Go forth, dear readers, support your favorite indie authors and encourage reading and literacy.

K. LaMon
Lamon Reviews

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