My First Attempt at Reading Bullet Journaling —2022

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My project today was that I wanted to work on a few pages and create my reading bullet journal for 2022. I watched several great videos that helped me decide what pages would be most useful for me, then I created them. I made multiple mistakes that I did not go back to correct. I think I can cover up mistakes later with stickers. I am okay with mistakes, they give my pages a quirky character.

I am okay with mistakes, they give my pages a quirky character.

K. LaMon

Bullet journaling is so popular today and as I said in a previous post, I have wanted to try it for a while. My few pages for my first attempt are extremely simple and minimal. I decided to use only the ideas that would give me the most needed information. Also, I tried not to duplicate any pages where the information would be on my TBR list.

I did not add my TBR list into the book I am using for my reading journal as I have dedicated pages in my blogging tablet and did not want to duplicate it. Below are some page titles included in the videos that I didn’t do, but may give you some ideas for your reading journal.

  • Series to start reading
  • Series to continue reading
  • Anticipated book releases
  • Book Haul
  • Book Shelf
  • BOOK reviews w/ star ratings
  • Favorite book of the year

Below are some of the videos I watched while making my reading journal. Side note — one thing I would do differently next time is I will try to watch videos first, write down the ideas, then make my pages.

This was my favorite video.

This is my favorite video I watched. I like how she made her journal.

What I included in my 2022 Reading Journal

The burgandy book I am using is a book I already owned and repurposed to use. I will be able to use this in 2022 and beyond. I will probably use this book for other book journaling later and be able to look back in one place.

What pages I included

  • Title Page
  • Monthly Stats
  • Favorite Book Each Month
  • Read List

I am happy with how this came out. I created it without many tools that would have made it look more crisp and professional, but I think it is better this way having a handmade authentic asthetic.

What I want to include next year.

I do want to continue this and do another one next December. By then I will have a better artistic vision for it. I am not sure I will want to create more than four or five pages though. I will pay more attention to lettering. I think that will help it look more finished also.

  • Reading Goals
  • Reading Brackets
  • Future Log
  • Favorite Quotes
  • Tab Feature

Reading Goals

I did not make a reading goals page. I felt that my goodreads goals and the reading challenge I decided to do next year will be enough. Goodreads has a tracker in the dashboard that tells me what I read there and I have the monthly stats page. But I will include one next year.

Reading Brackets

This was a ver unique idea to figure out what my favorite book of the year would be. I thought it was cute and a great idea. I will include it next year’s reading journal.

Future Log

This one is more for an everyday bullet journal. I also saw an idea for anticipated book releases. That is the only thing I could compare to in reading journals and I did not make an anticipated book release page because I think that would duplicate my TBR. But when I start bullet journaling for other areas of life, I would like to incorporate this page in.

Favorite Quotes

I Love Quotes! This would be a great idea for me, and I may come back and add this in later. There are soo many quotes I read in books last year that I was like -I love it! So I think this would work for me.

Tab Feature

I saw this in a couple of videos and thought what a cool idea. I am unsure if it would work in the book I repurposed. It is an older hardcover book with plain pages, no lines, but the pages are thinner and not thicker stock paper. I thought this was cool, but don’t think it will work until I switch to a different book. I will include this next year.

My favorite page is the monthly stats page. It’s simple and tracks the number of books I read. My least favorite is the 2022 read list. I think it will be useful but I dont like the design. I can easily take it out and create a new one, but I will keep it. It will be good for me to look back and see how I improve over the years as I create more. Which is your favorite page?

Now I’d like to hear from you.

BOJO or Book Journaling is one of the few helpful trends that can help you in multiple areas and help people get organized. What do you think about it? Are you making a reading journal for 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

And As Always…

Go forth, dear readers, support your favorite indie authors and encourage reading and literacy.

K. LaMon
Lamon Reviews

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