Progress: A sophmoric case for optimism by Parker Duque

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Today we have a book review of Progress: a sophmoric case for optimism by Parker Duque and David Wagner. I thought this book was a fun read. Check out my review below and let me know what you think in the comments.

*I received a free ARC copy of this ebook from Reedsy Discover  to review honestly. All opinions are my own and unbiased.*

Reedsy Discover.

📖My Review📖

Parker Duque was born with a golden spoon and silver rattle in his hands. His family wealth formed a pampered life that never fostered the humanitarian in him. Losing a majority of the family wealth due to one faithful decision by his father, Parker is forced to reevaluate and transform into the man he is today, a better person.

This uptick in his life is where the story begins. Parker has finally become the man he can be proud of and has made his first deal to get him the financial stability he has coveted. That is until his world implodes and he discovers Earth is on track to be cleaved in two by aliens, and humanity is on a countdown to obliteration.

“How naïve of me to think somebody might automatically see the nice guy I’d turned into instead of the self-centered asshole I used to be… I think that I hurt more at that moment than when I found out all of humanity would end.”

Progress: A Sophomoric Case for Optimism written by Parker Duque is strange and funny, to say the least. A large portion of its wit is derived from sophomoric potty jokes, double entendre, and humorous situational reflection.

In my opinion, the irreverent humour and wryness of Duques writing is what makes Progress an entertaining read. Its unique plot and quirky cast of characters will keep readers questioning what’s next. While reading I alternated between thinking WTF, and come on man, to why would you do that, then back again.

While I enjoyed the strangeness of the plot, my absolute favorite part of this novel, apart from t he ridiculousness of everything Grandpa Duque, is the entirety of chapter seven. I wish it were much longer. Another fun subplot of Progress is the short story within the book. I think that is also an unique and quirky aspect of this novel.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the fast-paced read and can recommend it to most adult readers. If you like humor and comedy books, then perhaps Progress: A Sophomoric Case for Optimism is for you

📖My Rating📖


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I tend to enjoy strange and unique writing, and this book has both. Tell me what do you think. Does Progress sound like a book for your TBR? Let us know in the comments below.

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