Welcome back to Lamon Reviews. I finished Girl With A Gun about a week ago and have my review for the audiobook tour hosted by iRead Books Tour. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you thing in the comments.

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Book Title: Girl with a Gun (An Annie Oakley Mystery) by Kari Bovee
Category:  Adult Fiction (18 + yrs), 316 pages
Length: 9 hours, 24 minutes.
Genre:  Historical Mystery / Cozy Mystery
Publisher:  Bosque Publishing
Release date:   April 2020
Content Rating:  PG + M: Mature themes, mild swearing 

She’s on the rise to fame and fortune, but her sudden notoriety comes with some deadly consequences. Annie Oakley thrives as a sharpshooter in the Wild West Show. Finally, she has a chance to save her family’s farm—and make her dreams come true. But her act misfires when she discovers her Indian assistant dead in her tent. Uncovering a shocking secret from her assistant’s past, the girl with the gun believes it’s murder. Determined to find the truth, she ruffles some horse feathers, making enemies along the trail.

But, when her prized gelding is stolen, Annie realizes she might have been the target all along. Can Little Miss Sure Shot save her equine friend and find the killer before everything she’s worked for is destroyed? If you like a cunning mystery, a feisty heroine, and a fast-paced plot that keeps the pages turning, you’ll love this wild ride with the iconic Annie Oakley in the saddle.

*I received a free copy of this book from iReadBookTours to review honestly on the blog tour. All opinions are my own and unbiased.*

📖My Review📖

Girl With A Gun is book one in a series of Annie Oakley mysteries written by Kari Bovee. Book one focuses mainly on the beginning of Oakley’s career as a sharpshooter and how and why she took the role at the Wild West Show.

The idea of leaving home to help the family because of financial troubles at a young age reminds me that, even at the time in the 1880’s, the act is quite fearless and shows her fortitude. In a time when many women were seen and not heard and expected to not have knowledge outside of homemaking, makes Girl With A Gun, just that much more interesting.

I liked almost all of the characters in book one. I didn’t think any of them felt one dimensional. My favorite character was Annie, but I think it was mainly because the book orbits around her. I liked the quirks and things that she does in the novel and wish I knew more about her life.

With a seemless blend of true facts of Annie Oakleys life and a fictional murder mystery, I read through Girl With A Gun rather easily. I found it an enjoyable read and want to grab myself a copy of the prequel novella.

I enjoyed Kari Bovee’s writing. This quick paced and interesting read has well-written characters and a good mystery that had me guessing throughout.

To conclude, I enjoyed Girl With A Gun and would recommend it to readers that enjoy adult fiction with historical elements and settings.

📖My Rating📖


The entire series includes four titles by Kari Bovee

  1. Shoot Like A Girl (prequel)
  2. Girl With A Gun (book one)
  3. Peccadillo at the Palace (book two)
  4. Folly At The Fair (book four)

When you sign up for the authors newsletter here you can get the prequel novella, Shoot Like A Girl to read free. Also, to find more from author Kari Bovee, you can visit her website below:

Kari Bovee

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