I CELEBRATE MY VOICE by Nonku Kunene Adumetey

Welcome back to Lamon Reviews. Today we have a wonderful author interview and spotlight for I Celebrate My Voice by Nonku Kunene Adumetey.

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I Celebrate My Voice by Nonku Kunene Adumetey.

Todays author, Nonku Kunene Adumetey, was kind enough to interview for Lamon Reviews during the I CELEBRATE MY VOICE blog tour.

⚜Interview with Author Nonku Kunene Adumetey ⚜

LR: Have you ever considered writing under a pseudonym, and why or why not?

As a new author who started writing for leisure, I wouldn’t write under a pseudonym. It’s so much to keep track of and for children’s books, it would be confusing for my readers.

LR: How do you process and deal with negative book reviews?

I recently received my first 1-star rating however it didn’t have a review. At first, I wanted to get answers 😊 but honestly, I realized as writers, authors, we put our stories out there for a reason. Your story will be meaningful for some and not everyone. I appreciate a negative review because it helps me get a perspective on what others think. I grow and learn as a writer.

LR: What advice would you give to a writer working on their first book?

Take time to connect and network with the writing community. In my opinion, the writing part is so easy compared to getting your book out there and promoting it. Thinking about that process and learning from other authors is so important in making sure your book will reach more people.

LR: What comes first for you — the plot or the characters — and why?

Plot: I create the story in my head and then add the characters later. It easy to create the storyline and allow that to flow and develop. Assigning characters is easy for a children’s book. I don’t know if my process would be different with a novel.

LR: What is your writing process like? Are you more of a plotter or a pantser?

I am 100% a pantser. I have a gazillion story ideas and titles and I jump around and write and write any which way to let my ideas and creativity flow.

LR: What do you need in your writing space to help you stay focused?

A couch, a glass of water, and a footrest.

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Book Details:

Book Title:  I Celebrate My Voice by Nonku Kunene Adumetey
Category: Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  37 pages
Genre: Children’s Book
PublisherNonku’s Corner Publishing 
Release date:  February, 2022
Content Rating:  Rated G. Suitable for everyone

 Book Description:

I Celebrate My Voice is a fun and lovely introduction to what it means to use your voice. With breathtaking illustrations, this book shows young children how limitless their voices are. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – you have a voice and it matters.
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Meet the Author:

Nonkululeko Kunene Adumetey (also known as Nonku) is an award-winning author, loving wife and devoted mother of two happy toddlers. Her children both love singing, story time, and tasting home-cooked cuisines. When Nonku tastes delicious food, she hums a blissful tune, which she never realized until both her children started humming along.

Nonku was born in the Kingdom of Eswatini, where she lived until she was 16. She left to complete high school in Canada and later moved to the United States to pursue her college education.

Her passion is to inspire her children and all children to celebrate who they are, understand their differences are beautiful, know their diversity is a strength, and believe their voices are should be heard.

Her hero is her late father, Themba Micah Kunene, a man from humble beginnings who worked tirelessly to provide a full life for his eight children. Her father’s unconditional love, wisdom, selflessness, and work ethic inspire the core of Nonku’s principles and life mottos. One of his favorite mottos was “umtsentse uhlaba usamila”, a saying about a strong grass that gets deeply rooted during its early stages of development. The essence of this saying embodies the core of early intervention and teaching young minds early so that they grow up strong and informed about the world. This is what inspires Nonku to write children’s book, to inspire and empower young minds for a greater future.   

connect with the author: website ~ facebook ~ instagram ~ goodreads

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Go forth, dear readers, support your favorite indie authors and encourage reading and literacy.

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