My Favorite quote from a book| 2022-5-25 WEDNESDAY WEEKLY BLOGGING CHALLENGE

Welcome back to Lamon Reviews.

While not my favorite quote, one that is stuck in my head right now is “…you don’t have enough bullets…” from Marines Don’t Cry by Daniel Garcia and Jacqueline Charsagua Garcia. It’s a memoir we spotlighted earlier this week. I think it’s just stuck in my head.

Books I read the most tend to be fantasy and romance. One of my favorite authors this month is author Pepper Pace. Her romance novels are some of my favorite. Unfortunately, a quote from any of the books I have read is not coming to my mind right now.

On my goodreads page I went back through some of the books I read and looked at my notes and highlights, and I found one for the book Blindsided by Amy Daws that I liked.

“What is it with fit people pretending like they don’t see what’s in front of them?…”

Blindsided by Amy Daws

While it’s not my absolute favorite quote, rereading my highlight sent me back to that scene in the book. I like that I remembered more just from that one quote.

I can’t remember a good quote that I would say is my favorite.

I know there are great quotes out there, and I remember a bunch. Those that everyone knows. But I can’t think of one from a book I read.

What is your favorite quote from a book? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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