Marines Don’t Cry by Daniel Garcia and Jacqueline C. Garcia| Book Blast

…“You Don’t Have Enough Bullets”

As we left the Arab village and continued toward Baghdad, the security patrol noticed something odd. In the distance, the guards saw large groups of people coming toward the caravan. About 20,000 people were walking toward us and were converging on us. The people were coming from both sides of the road. The military escort responsible for my safety became agitated and concerned. The…

ASHES TO INK: A Memoir by Lisa Lucca |Spotlight

Welcome back to Lamon Reviews. Today is our stop on the spotlight tour for Ashes to Ink :a memoir by … More

Divorce Bucket List by Jennifer Harris

…I’m surrounded by relaxed families, couples, groups of friends, and even some who appear to be fellow solo travelers. I feel at peace in this moment, witnessing the miracles of life all around me. There is so much beauty in the present. I am thankful for this serenity, this beautiful day, and these views…