Book Review Request Submission

If you have published a book in the past year and would like to have it reviewed on Lamon Reviews, please contacts me at

I am currently accepting request in the following areas:

  • YA Novels
  • Romance Novels
  • Science Fiction Novels
  • Murder Mysteries
  • Suspense and Thriller Novels
  • Short Story Collections
  • Short Memoirs

We are able to accept the following formats: Kindle ebooks, Audible audio books, pdf, physical copies, and epub

The majority of the reviews on Lamon Reviews are fiction. I review bestsellers, debut authors, contemporary fiction, mysteries, thrillers, some fantasy/science fiction and some romance. I will also delve into nonfiction, newsworthy books, biographies and memoirs:

Unfortunately, I am unable at this time to review the following genres:
Travel Guides

To submit a (physical) ARC for review, please email me for address at

If you would like to learn more about KDJ Lamon, click here to go to the about page.